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  • If breaking a nail is a life changing event we are probably not going to get along :) However, if you like action, I'll make it worth it!

    Name: KevinBlingBling40
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    Name: marla676
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  • I often travel alone and I want a partner to share the joy of traveling with. I am told that I am easy to talk to and have a warm heart.

    Name: oceanbreeze41
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  • I am a very nice, humble and honest girl. I love being around people or content with just you and me.

    Name: twinklestar263
    Age: 23
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  • A woman with her head on straight and great body doesn't hurt! I want to meet someone who knows they are very special.

    Name: GreenGrassNHorses
    Age: 41
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    Net Worth: 1-2 Million
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  • Lets not beat around the bush. The guy with the most money wins right? You found me, lets meet for a drink!

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    Name: OctaviaO00
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